This will be my first video post here in my blog and I am just so excited not to see it this day. I recorded this through my phone and it’s just great that it turned out not very ugly like I expected.
Drawing/ sketching has been one of my hobbies since I was a kid but I still can’t call myself a good artist for I can’t draw a good enough thing without basing on the picture or look of it. I personally think that a true artist can create a masterful piece using merely his imagination. And Apparently, it’s just so not me. I never get satisfied with my work on something from my mind only. I always feel like there’s something wrong or something’s missing. I love sketching my friends personally while having a chat with them, so I tend to tell them not to move often while speaking. I also draw our professor while he\she is having her lesson and I just don’t feel like listening anymore. It’s more of like an escape from a bad feeling of being bored to death.

Draw-It-Yourself from antoniettepulutan on Vimeo.

Like I said, I want do draw with something to copy on. But I can paint a good enough using merely my imagination. I guess it’s just the matter of finding the right angles, strokes and the right colors to blend in. In sketching, the focus is more on the specific lines, so it’s harder to fabricate one.
I hope you enjoyed watching it and I’m looking to post more in the future.
Just remember… DO-IT. 🙂


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