Inspired Accidentally.

12-17-2011 (11:33pm)
I did not intended it but as i was looking for something good to turn myself into on TV, I watched a segment in GMA News TV called “Follow that Star”, yes, I know the title sounds pretty corny but it’s not the title that made me hooked; it’s the featured “star” there. It was Drew Arellano, I know him as a bubbly and somehow cute TV host of programs for the mass including Unang Hirit, Balik-Bayan, Rapsa, Weekend Getaway and others.
Well, he just kind of inspired me because of his lifestyle. He lives wisely. And the way he explains and narrates things there, you could really say that he knows things that others aren’t aware of including me. It’s not that he is smart, I don’t know. But I think so. It’s how he sees things in a very positive way. He runs every morning for an hour before going to Unang Hirit where he needs to be in the set at 4 am. And after that, he goes for a bike at 2 to probably 4pm. Once in my life, I thought of doing that as well but I am just too shy to go out and shout at every body that I want to get fit. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too paranoid.
Also, knowing the fact that he came from a good family who was able to give him good education in an exclusive boys school (Xavier School), he is not the typical cute “konyo” guy who’ll bombard you with so much English and tell to your face that, “ Hey, I’m rich. Treat me differently man.” And I saw that when he’s biking and he shows where he stops-over for a good buko juice drink and a piece of buko pie which costs 10 pesos (he is so delighted with that, to think the fact that I hate those little pies, cause it’s way different from the big pies here in Laguna. The little ones never tasted like real buko pies). He loves biking and motorcycling. He knows that these activities can take your life immediately for an accident (he even had his shoulders dislocated because of an accident in biking), yet he stated in a very cool manner, “It’s life eh. That’s how we live life. We should try things, new things.”
He said the things that I needed to hear as a frustrated successful woman especially in the field that I am bound to hug. He is actually a business graduate and he never realizes that he’ll be on the career that he’s in now. He stated that on the first days and months of his job, he thought of quitting ‘cause he realized that he doesn’t know what he’s doing (it’s not his field), you know, the jargons that usually confuses people who haven’t encountered it in the thing that he studied and so on. Yet, as time passed by, he learned to love his job; and I will never forget the thing that he said and the way he said it (full of sincerity and coolness). “If you want to be entertaining you should be entertained”. I know this sounds a little complicated but I figured that it should really be the way it is. And yes, he loves his job that is why he is sticking on it and I personally can see it whenever I see him work.
P.S. He also confirmed that anyone can host. It’s a skill to be learned. Anyone. It tells me that there are really things that I could get myself as a skill. Yet I haven’t figured out of what track I want to take. I think it’ll be a very long time to figure out for me.
P.S. again. He lives alone in a condominium. And I think that he really has a way of explaining things in a humorous manner. One of the reasons for choosing to be alone in a condo without anyone but himself is the capability to watch TV naked. Hahaha.


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