Alex Cross’s Trial by J. Patterson and R. Dilallo: A Book Review

2-2-2012 (10:09 pm)

This book is one of the hard-bound books I luckily bought in the National Bookstore for only 99 pesos! And I am really looking to their sales every time I pass by on their stores like a dog waiting for the tastiest bone which is worth the wait.

Anyway, I’ve been hooked on James Patterson’s works for the very first time I had one; I think it’s an Alex Cross series by then, and at first, I get a little scared of the brutal killing scenes I’m reading and I’ve been picturing on my mind since that is a thriller. (I was just in my earlier years for being a bookworm as they could say but I think it’s an exaggerated title for the ones who mostly read fiction like me.) As I get to read his other novels, I started to freak out whenever I see his books in the bookstore, it’s like, “When in doubt, Patterson it is”. So apparently, most of my books belong to the juices made by his genius mind.

When I was younger than I am now, I thought I liked fairytale-like love stories, but later on I realized I found my interest in thrillers and mysteries. I feel extremely excited when I read them and I just kept on flipping the pages till I get to the end of it with of course the twists and turns along the way, just like Patterson does it.

This book is the story of Alex Cross’s great- grandfather, Abraham Cross during the time of the Ku Klux Klan a.k.a. KKK (which is a group I was not aware of- for I am a Filipino and of course our own history is my priority). I read things that were happening or allegedly happened in the times of the Black and White American rivalry way back in the early 1900s. According to the book and as what I’ve searched in the internet, these Ku Klux Klan is a group of Whites whose goal is to take a way Blacks who get in their way. Honestly, I was extremely shocked in the scenes that were stated there yet I consider the fact that those were fictitious. Yet, there is still something in me that say maybe those things were really happening at that time. Lynching Blacks were the most used torture for them and it made my heart sank especially on the precise description of the writers about the lynchings and murders. During those times, it was like the Blacks and the Whites should never live together. Blacks were like tiny rats that are not capable of touching the lion.

Yet, both sides were explained in the book which is an extremely good thing for they represent different characters of different colors, Black Americans got my sympathy after reading the story. And I came to think that it is really a very good thing that things are not the same right now and US actually have a Black American president.

Setting aside my very dramatic statements, I think that Patterson veered on this one- from several civilian killings and in-house cases, he, together with Dillalo have opened the minds of an ignorant like me in issues like this which concerns a larger part of a society. This story is something I regard as a bitter history of that country which died and should never be desired to live again.


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