Is a foreign Language an easy thing to learn?


1-31-2012 (9:34 pm)

Language- without it, we cannot communicate. It is a great privilege for me to know two languages; Filipino for which I was taught ever since the very second that I was born, and English for which I am still learning at this moment. Yet, I’ve always wanted to learn another language which will make my known language three, or if God permits, to learn all the language existing or has ever existed. I know that the latter desire is actually a “suntok sa buwan” (our known Filipino idiom which pertains to something that is more likely not to happen or has a very little possibility of happening.)

Nonetheless, in the narrowest corner of my mind, I still believe that a human really could do that (yet, I haven’t seen one) but there are or were really people who mastered different kinds of languages. One example of this is our national hero, Jose Rizal- as what I’ve learned in our Jose P. Rizal subject, where we tackled about his life, he actually mastered 21 different languages. I could imagine how hard it had been for him to do that, thinking of the fact that I am still in the darkness of learning Spanish since I bought a Spanish-English Dictionary way back several months ago.

Actually, I am aware that there are schools, as what I see in the streets signs, where they offer tutorials of several languages; yet, I am also aware that it will cost me money to enrol in those. So I thought that as a stepping stone, I will buy a Spanish book first; who knows, I might be able to learn the language just through it?

Yet as the days, weeks and months passes, I realized that it’s really hard for me. I don’t know, maybe my zeal for learning the language isn’t just enough for me to bury myself and give all my time reading and memorizing the words. I swear I tried and is still trying- I actually get to say several sentences- but I noticed that when I learned it today, most probably, I will forget it the other day, which sucks.

You may be wondering, of all the hundreds of languages, why Spanish?

Philippines became a colony of the Spain, we’ve been under them for about 300 years so we get to adapt their language and that makes some of our words Spanish. Yet, in my time now, most folks aren’t able to tell if a Filipino word comes from Spanish since that was a very long time ago. I overheard someone say that our oldies in the time of Spanish colonization were very fluent in speaking and writing Spanish that they are able to divulge it like the Spanish people themselves do. And I slightly envy them for that.

I just think that it would be the easiest foreign language that I could learn since some of the words that I use were from it and it will be easier for me to retain. Also, I think that the language is sexy- I just think it is and just thinking of me speaking Spanish fluently will make me feel sexier. Haha.

Actually, I am thinking of downloading a Spanish film with subtitles for I think it could also help me on my struggle with merely learning the written words; it could also help me with the proper pronunciation and proper speed since my ultimate (crossed-fingers) goal is to learn speaking it fluently and with proper grammar. I am aware that the best way to learn another country’s tongue is to live with its people, which I cannot afford to do so right now.

But apart from all of my desires and whatever that I could gain from learning other languages, there is a deep reason for it, especially for me as a communicator… and it is to, in a very little way, make a crack on the wall which is a barrier for me and my co-communicators around the world. And yes, that wall I am referring to is our language differences.


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