Bachelor’s Degree, CHECK!


In my four years in college, it has always been the dream of mine to wear the black toga and own the diploma for my bachelor’s degree in communication, and now, the time has finally came and it seems to me that it’s all unreal. I couldn’t believe that I am one of the few people who are fortunate enough to have what everyone craves— to finish college. And now, let me share to you the day I have been dreaming about for all of my life.ImageBut of course, many thanks to my Tito Raul (though I call him Kuya Raul) for driving the car of my very kind Tita Elma. I can’t believe he used to balance me in his one hand when I was a baby, and now, look at me, I’m as big as a cow! Haha. Time flies so fast, it’s good I can still keep up. ImageI am probably nothing now, if not for this chubby lady to my right. The noses. Haha. MARAMING SALAMAT PO NANAY. 😀Image(from left to right) Chado, Nikko, me and NanayImageMy Siblings. Yes. I consider them my siblings and my entertainers whenever I’m in a long face. They never fail to keep me LMFAO. The times that I share with them are my most favorite ones. They bring out the best in me, seriously. When we’re together, we are just like a bunch of morons who knows how to have fun in little things that doesn’t make sense at all. I will surely miss them, but I swear, I can never let them go just like that.ImageImageOne of the very rare moments that my family members eat together outside. So thankful that I have my cousins with me to have the place of my dream siblings that I could have a fight with. Haha.

(from left to right) Dada, Ate CJ, Nanay, Koy Koy, Chado in pink and of course, yours trulyly. As you can see, Chado is a little bloated here and I just don’t understand that she complains for her being fat, yet whenever the meal comes, she eats carelessly as hell. (with matching her feet sitting in her chair.) Tsk, tsk. 

And I’m with my Koy Koy here. My cousin who has been with me in photos since kindergarten where we compete with each other for being the best in the class since elementary, and ridiculously, I won! Haha. I’m the class valedictorian and he’s the salutatorian. A bit sad that we didn’t graduate college at the same time, but he’s expecting to get his diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management after one and a half year. I admire his determination to finish college cause he works his ass off. Hands down.


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