To my Alma Mater

Climbing up in the rooftop is one of the forbidden acts our school tells us, but to Jonas, if we avoid to get caught, it’s A-OK. We could get up there and do the photo shoots that Jonas craves for, and it doesn’t matter that Roch and I were so wasted due to his demand. So we pursued his request and what  to do, but to pose for the camera as well. Photos turned out to be too great for me not to post them in here!

I’m actually loving the effect that the sunlight gives every photo. The little trick is that you should be able to resists the pain of too much sun, (especially that it’s summer) and surely, you could produce a great photo.

The ever- on- the- go Jonas and his signature jump shot (as what Moning said). Just look how the sun can make wonders. I love it!

Let’s not forget the ever-alluring Roch and his signature jump shot as well—the “touch toes”. Wish I could do this as well. Back in our cheering days, I kept on practicing this, but no matter how I do it, I can’t do it as perfect as Roch does. This gal really is the man. Haha.

The love team. So dramatic. Hahaha. Looks like they could produce an extraordinary film.

Who wouldn’t smile if they see this? Just a short history– Jonas and Roch’s loveteam started way back in the making of our play Buhay Echosera when we were third year. They act really well that whenever it’s their scene, the mob gets crazy and loud. From then on, we tease them whenever there’s a chance to do so. (no one gets pissed off) I sooo love these guys.

This is probably the last time that we are wearing our school uniform. But the memories that we have with Lyceum of the Philippines- Laguna is extraordinary. We will forever carry the name that this school has bestowed upon us. We are forever proud to be a Lycean. 🙂


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