Today I End, Today I Commence

Weeks or probably, months before our graduation day, I have made up my mind that the dress that I should wear on that day is something that’s appropriate, simple, and of course something that has beauty on it. To tell you honestly, I even asked my Nanay to provide me a sewing machine so I could make my own dress, and thankfully, she did. (knowing the fact that I love repairing and sewing clothes and maybe she gets so pity for I do them with only my hands, and honestly, it takes a lot of patience and careful moves so the pattern won’t look so clumsy.)

So then I decided to make a LBD to make it look formal and decent. And here it went.

These past few days, I am more attached to sheer fabrics for it makes an outfit look sophisticated and effortlessly pretty. Also, I figured that many students would wear something that’s fitting the butt, so I made it an above the knee balloon. As some people know me, I like to be different. Hihi.

This is the back of my dress, it’s actually a slight backless but I put on some sheer on it to make it not too revealing for me to wear. I know the weather these days calls for clothes that could lessen the heat, but I still understand that graduation day is a very decent event. Also, I attached a slightly over sized sequined black ribbon to make my outfit look not so safe and I love it! (I got surprised and happy when I saw Camille Co’s blog, where she wears a black dress as well, and it looks like the one I made (but of course, it’s way too pretty) . I didn’t copy it, SWEAR! P.S. she’s my style icon) Look!

At first, i was reluctant to wear these shoes — they are sooo high  heels, and I already got a little height so some say that I shouldn’t wear overly highs. But as the blogger Andy Torres of said that goes something like, “some people say that girls like her should not wear high heels for they’re already tall, she answers with, WHY NOT?” So every time I get so conscious of my guts to wear height heels, I always remember what she said.


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