I. Just. Realized.


It so bad of me for not doing thank you messages to my Alma Mater in Facebook whereas many of my classmates did not just made a short message, but a really long one… thanking all of our professors, classmates, friends, and the school staff. I think it’s just really not me doing such things and I just think that I couldn’t thank them enough through that so I chose not to make one at all. I am a lazy person  (but I take care of my Lola all the while) most of the time especially now that I am frequently at home,lying in my bed while reading books and just gets up to watch a movie in my laptop if my eyes are still well to stick them on the screen for over two hours. But who cares? Now’s my live-it-up-for-rest time, and I still don’t have a job. 

I think that is also why I don’t get to update my blog often which I really hate! I already swore to update this more often than before and then I just ended up ruining that promise because of my laziness!

Getting back to my point, I am writing this because as I was watching Party Pilipinas earlier on their opening number with cheerleaders, dancers and singers performing, (their theme for this week is like about a University life and all) I realized that I’ve been through all of that, I mean, I could say now that I was a college student before and that I made the most out of my college years! I really was thinking about it as I watch the number and I could feel my eyes glimmer and my lips turning into a smile like a total moron. How come I just realized it now?! I felt so lucky and fulfilled. 

I said that I made the most of my college years, because I experienced being on different student classifications which some haven’t. Student classifications- I mean it as like, the shy girl, the bully, the loner, the nerd, the journalist, the artist, the photographer, the editor, the happy-go-lucky, the lazy and my most favorite, the cheerleader. (But I am never the campus sweetheart! hahaha. I guess there’s just some things that are meant for a certain person and that you cannot strive to get. I never plan to be one anyway. hahaha.)

Kidding aside, it’s just so funny that I’ve been so many persons during my college days, and I guess it trained me very well to be versatile and hardworking in everything that I do which is a pretty good thing. And the most funny of all is that I’ve been a cheerleader! haha. I get to become one during my sophomore and junior years just because our college is outnumbered by the other colleges and most of the students are just not interested in joining, so I thought, why not try it? Besides, since I was a kid, I am mesmerized by the cheerleaders being tossed in Bring It On and on how pretty they look doing that stuff. (but sad to say, I was not the one being tossed, I was the who’s tossing other girls. *I’m too tall to be tossed.) And I can really say that being a cheerleader is not a pure bliss, it requires hard work and dedication on what you are doing. Well, at least, I could say I did good on being one. 

All the roles that I played in college were worth thanking for, I say I can do the things that I know today because of the experiences I had in those. God is really good to me. Thanks for my well-lived college experience, God. (and the all people who took part in  my college life) 🙂




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