Me(3rd year college student) with the Us Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr.

Me(3rd year college student) with the Us Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr.

This is actually a late upload and obviously a late blog post. I just want to share this to anyone who might read this little page of mine.
That picture was when I was in my third year and college and that year was a pretty hectic year not only for me, but for everyone in the class. I can really say that when you are in your third year of AB Communication in Lyceum of the Philippines- Laguna, you’ll feel like time passes so fast and you cannot even keep up with the deadlines that you have to meet. I think it’s in our professors’ curriculum to have it that way.
That year, I became the Vice President of the College of Arts and Sciences and the External P.R.O. of the Supreme Student Council (though I was not that active on the former) and those just added up to the mountain-high tasks that I had to do.
I was pretty active that year that whenever there’s an event in our school, I always served as the photographer, and that gave me special passes to those. Like when a great band (Parokya ni Edgar) had a concert there, all the photographers were allowed to be near the stage (well, including me, haha), which was so cool for the band was just inches away from me and my camera lens. That experience was a blast!
Another event is in the photo here, where US Ambassador Thomas Jr. visited our school to donate some American books to our library. Our school bosses said that I have to keep track on him all the time and capture all his moves, and that’s exactly what I did, and as I picture it now, I definitely look like a total jerk that time. But it’s fine, at least I got a, “good job!” from one of the people I greatly respect in school (:P) and I got a photo with him (:P) where only me and my other classmate (Jonas) had the chance to.


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