My Gifts Appreciation

Another long photo uploading day for me. Here’s another late blog post as well, posted here are the gifts I got on my graduation day and some are from my friends whose gifts I just decided to include here to express my thanks. πŸ™‚
I swear that I got “tiba-tiba” last graduation, for I received the gifts that I really want though most of them are from my Nanay who was the happiest single mother on earth that very day!
I admit that I am a material girl, I am also a hoarder for when you happen to read my Twitter profile description… “Hobbyist/ Life Reader and Stuff Encourager.”, the last one proves it. I always finds a way of turning a hopeless stuff to being a great one.
I am a material girl, so I thank all of my loves for these new possessions of mine.

These are from my Nanay’s boss, Maam Latifa, though I don’t really use body butters and shower gels, I deeply appreciate her kindness. Β They smell like flowers (obviously) and I love smelling like flowers so I swore to use them in the right time- girly time. Haha.


And this is my funny camera, a supposedly surprise gift from Nanay, but it turned out that she’s the one who got surprised because she unfortunately purchased a defective one! haha. So much for surprises. But thankfully, I still get to use it. However, it will only take a shot and it will be dead so I have to open it again to take another shot and so on. The worst part of it, I cannot preview the shots, and since it’s on and off, I cannot take a video. 😦 So much for teaching me the essence of patience mother. (On and Off basis) hahaha.


This one’s a perfume from Tito Jun, me and Ate Cj got perfumes from him. Thanks Tito/Lolo? πŸ™‚


Another gift from my mother. Headphones which colors can be customized. Still haven’t used them. I am still contented with my simple earphones and I haven’t used Skype for too long for me to be needing a built-in microphone along with them.

hahaha. The mic is too visible! Feels like call center… Thanks motha. πŸ™‚


Yay! My favorite gifts of all. Books. (aside from a cute cookie monster stuff toy) The Hunger Games book is my request from my tita’s (Chado) suitor (he asked me, who am I to blew it? haha), my soon-to-be Tito Ver (crossed-fingers). I just finished reading it whilst I already watched the film adaptation months before (which I didn’t quite appreciate). Think the books so much better given the fact that I understood it more I appreciated the story more. Β The book is much deeper. Thumbs Up!

The Mini Shopaholic and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer are from my Nanay as well. I’m reading the former now and planning to read the latter after. πŸ™‚

The one at the top left is a book from my friend Katchi. Thanks Katchi!



Perfume from Nanay. I got amazed by this because she said she bought it in a store where they sell perfumes that smells the same as the original brands. I don’t know what brand this one is imitating (good thing they didn’t imitate the packaging of those) because that should be a real fraudulence. This one’s pretty honest. “Perfumes Brands” Hihi.



Beautiful make-up kit from one of my Nanay’s bosses! I’ve been dying to have a make up kit just like this, and here! I have one now!


With matching colorful gems on the top. How cute is that?!

This is the inside of it… As you notice, there are missing pieces for I already put them in my smaller and handier make up kit fro everyday use. Imagine carrying one like this in an ordinary day, I’ll look like a total salon staff! haha.

A DSLR mug! This is from my Nanay’s alagas. They said, “give it to your daughter”. Β HANGSWEET. πŸ™‚

My requested gift from Chado. hahaha. A pair of shoes from Prima Donna. Still haven’t worn them I just realized that they are hard to be paired with the common clothes that I wear. Though they are pretty wearable with shorts and I seldom wear shorts. So great.

Pink soles, anyone?

And these are my Ate Cj’s gifts.

A comfy shirt which she just get back from Dada and gave it to me. (I am supposed to receive it months before, but Tita Nida thought that Dada needs it more so she didn’t give it to me which is totally fine- she thinks I have too many clothes) haha. Nevertheless, Ate CJ insisted on giving it to me no matter what (that’s Ate CJ, I’m used to it. hahaha. Funny woman)

Comfy thing. Thanks Ate Cieje! πŸ™‚

Cute earrings from her as well. Been trying to keep it safe. She’ll be really upset if I lost them.

Pink pouch from our neighbor and my Tita Hilda. (though I am completely happy that she never leaves us hungry whenever she has home-made pasta and salad) Best neighbor! πŸ™‚ hahaha.

A necklace from Maam Latifa as well. (all the way from Czechoslovakia) Whoa! Did I even spell it right?! hahaha.

Items below are not for graduation anymore. They are from friends who are kind enough to not forget me.

A glamorous golden clutch bag from Ms. Edjie whom we met during our internship. We actually never thought that we’ve been so good to her to have this. #kreng #dosage πŸ™‚

Thank you very much Ms. Edjie! πŸ™‚

This one’s a pasalubong from Jonas after he went to Palawan. (though I am not very fond of key chains) haha. But I deeply appreciate it for it’s from my beloved Utoy. ( I actually broke it on the day he gave it to me but I managed to fix it) hahaha. I’ll keep this safe Utoy.

And this last one, I received as a gift for my birthday from my gorg Sugar. haha. My hands are itching for so long to read this but I simply cannot. I still have to read the books before this. #When? 😦

Thanks Sugar! You always knew what I want. πŸ™‚

I sincerely give my biggest THANKS to everyone who are kind enough to give me these beautiful things. You’ll be all blessed. But I believe that the REAL gift here is your love and care for me that triggered your desire to give me these. Β πŸ™‚

I promise to do my very best to give back the debt through my cute little means.


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