DIY: Laced Denim Shorts

I always wanted to wear shorts frequently when I will go places but it’s just not very wholesome especially when you are a commuter. *I want a car! Damn. haha. But I get to wear ’em when I’m feeling liberal and I badly feel like wearing them.

Laced shorts/lace shorts I can say are “in” today though I don’t really rely on what’s in and what’s out in wardrobe- it’s as long as it looks good on me, I wear it. Sometimes the “ins” just makes me feel that I’m wearing the same thing as the others so as much as possible I try not to be “in”. Haha.

Below is a DIY Laced Denim Shorts that I made last night.

What you need:

Old denim shorts, or a cut off denim shorts that you are bored of. (In my case, this is a pair of cut off shorts that I used to wear)

Spare lace fabric

Standard sewing pins

Needle and thread

Sewing Machine (if available)


ImageYou can always choose the lace fabric that you want. As for me, this is the best available in my closet so this is what I used.

ImageCut the lace fabric which fit the part of the shorts where you want them to be placed. I want to put the laces on the left front part of the shorts and on both hems.Image

Sew the laces in place. (Left-front part)

Then on both hems.

I placed laces in and out of the hems to make it look thicker when folded later.

Fold the hems.

And voila! You have the epic Laced Denim Shorts. haha. Perfectly paired with a plain tight/loose white shirt or anything that you want to pull it off with.

Of course you could also put gems or sequins on it or anything you want. For me, simple is the new cool, so here. Just make sure that you are working on on what you really want to have. Because it will never work out if it’s the other way around.

I know that this is not as perfect as the others, but at least you could start with this. Pretty sure it gets better when you make another one. 🙂

It’s my first DIY post so I know that I am not as good as the others. I hope you at least understood what I am trying to demonstrate here.





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