Anawangin Cove and Capones Island, Zambales, Philippines

It took me days before I am able to post this because laziness has attacked me again after I recovered from my on and off fever for the past few days which was a horrible experience, really. But as they say, “Better Late than Never”.

Last week, Nona(@iamnonaMarielle), Jonas (@Donjonats), Roch(@ISayDrellen) and me, were able to have a short weekend getaway from all the boring things at home and be soaked in the sunshines of Zambales, Philippines. The trip was so last minute and such a short notice. But due to our burning desire to go to the beach and hang out to someplace far… Hello Anawangin Cove!

ImageAfter a very enjoyable ride on the boat, we landed in this forest-like paradise. I can just imagine Edward Cullen Jumping across the trees here. Very Twilight-like! So cool! This is where the guests put up their tents to stay.

ImageAnd tada! This is the beach… Oh God. And look, I captured a cute summer kid there. She seems so fond of the sea waves!

ImageAfter we settled our things up and ate the belching food that were served, we went trekking to one of the island mountain top. The walk up has been so tiring  yet when we arrived at the top, all the effort paid off. The view was so breathtaking, we couldn’t stop ourselves from taking pictures of it.

ImageOn the next day…

ImageWe rode again by boat  to meet the beautiful island of Capones, my favorite part of the trip.

ImageIt’s so cool that this island has an old lighthouse on top of it! This could be a major tourist destination.

ImageThe deep blue sea, I can look at this all day and think of nothing else but bliss.

And once we’re able to climb up to the lighthouse, the dreamlike view welcomed us! I’ve never been to a lighthouse before so I am really thankful to have experienced this. That moment seemed so unreal.

Then we went down to the beach again to soak ourselves up in the beautiful salt water of Capones, I even got some pretty stones and sea shells with me to bring home as a souvenir. Haha.

This pictures has been so hard to achieve for the waves were so aggressive and hurting but Roch insisted that I do this, so here, the fruit of the hard work and endurance. I look crazy eh? Haha.

I swore to go back to this place when time and chance permits, because the experience that this place has given me is beyond perfect! I am looking forward to more places to explore and more surprises galore! Zambales, I Shall Return. Haha.

P.S. Here’s a video I made for this trip, think this will add up as an evidence of how happy we were.



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