Cupcake Rookie

I seldom use the oven for the past few years since my Nanay bought it and use it whenever she goes home. (for like, every two years) But she insisted on telling me that I should take care of it and clean it every once in a while or every other day if i have the time.

Sure I get to watch her and learn from her whenever she works but I haven’t really tried to do every baking job on my own. (or I never had the opportunity to)

Well, until I came to this point in my life that I had nothing else to do apart from staying inside the house and looking after my Lola, that I had the itching desire to bake something out of the infamous oven.

And yes, I have been making cupcakes for the past days and I am enjoying it by far.

This is my favorite hobby now, since I tend to change my interest like, for every week.

And I think it’s a good trait of me (the frequent change of hobbies) for I always have the desire to learn new thing with great ardor and perseverance. Just like playing a game.

I cannot help but giggle and say “so cuuute!” for like a hundred times as I decorate the cupcakes that I baked. I looked so lunatic, but I don’t care!

So here…My humble creations.


I used colored shredded coconut here, topped with gooey chocolate candies and a coffee frosting.




Haha.  These ones are so funny! I originally wanted to make Elmo Cupcakes out of them, but I wasn’t able to buy any chocolates for the eye pupils and orange candies for the nose. So I don’t know who they are at all. (Probs just another bunch of aliens from Mars.)

Now, the last and the yummiest ones.

I gave most of these to the kids, (not my kids) my cousins/nephews/nieces.

Since I am not planning to consume all those sweetness. Geez.

(I am trying my best to eat and live healthy now and I feel so much better.)

Nothing feels so good than seeing the little ones adore the food you made. *kids

Hope I get to do some more delicious cupcakes in the near future.



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