Flesh, Blood and ow, the Heart

21. I know. Seems like a young age to give birth to a child. But in my opinion, it’s something that’s not for people to judge.
I am not arguing on this because this new mother is one of my best friends; it’s because that’s what I believe in, since saying that i stand up for it will sound so much of an incite to belligerence for both sides.
But this is not the mood of this post, this is a post of


Yes, excitement, the exact feeling I felt when I found out that we are finally going to see the kid inside her watermelon-like stomach that she’s been wearing for nine months.

I always think that carrying a baby in your womb seems like a great pain in the ass; hard-to-move factors and all; just the thought of it scares me somehow, since you are bestowed of one of the biggest responsibilities- keeping the life inside you alive and healthy.
And that makes me very proud of my friend.

And here he is, her and her husband’s own flesh and blood…but I warn you, he is totally bewitching. Baby Stephen, be sure to get your mother’s heart, it’s golden. 🙂

Wait NO! he is not the father, we are just fooling around. That’s how we roll. Shenanigans and all.

Look, I get to carry Baby Stephen too! Though i was slightly hesitant at first. (Folks say that a newborn child is so fragile you might break their neck if you don’t carry them properly and all; Hey, he’s just a newborn and i’m not planning to be a murderer! Kidding.)
But OH WELL… feels so good to carry a newborn baby in my arms. They’re much much lighter than a pillow.


Not a single get together will end without some more chattering and eating (though we (they) ended up on having a photoshoot! Good lord. And i don’t plan to post their hundreds of pictures here! hahaha.)

Been such a long time since I last saw them and I originally planned to give them hugs, but I totally forgot about it and instead threw some insults and gross talks. Guess that’s just not what we are. Our shenanigans means more than a hug and a kiss on the mouth. (ew) Feels good to be with them again.



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