Our Christmas Starts on All Saints Day

We Filipinos have always been very excited of the Christmas season since then. Once the “ber” (I don’t even know if we could consider it a ‘season suffix’) as in “ber” months starts, it’s also the start of the countdown until Christmas day.

And to tell you honestly, I am really not that interested of the ‘day’, I am more excited of the ‘days before’.
Our family doesn’t celebrate on Christmas eve “Noche Buena”, guess we’re just not accustomed to it, or our townspeople are not ‘into’ it, so we just ‘live with it’. That’s how it works. It’s not much of a day for us actually. And even though I planned and imagined on having a Noche Buena in my head for the past years of my existence, the idea is always immediately washed away by the sight of our house being the only lights-on abode in our neighbourhood and that thought seems pitiful; might even make us look strange when there could be an owl-like drunkard who happen to loiter the streets and sees our house-scene. Gah. That makes us an instant Wuthering Heights dweller.

We celebrate New Years way better than Christmases. It’s louder.

BUT, as for me, I make it to a point that as much as possible, we have decorations on when the month of November starts. Since I have an extra day off time that day and all family members are in-house, I get to do some artsy works and I don’t care if they will work out or not, all I care is that I did something for the Christmas season so here… P.S. I really don’t encourage my tita buying new Christmas decors since the time I realized that all those glittery stuff that they sell in stores are just ‘dipped in glitz and I can effin’ dip things too in glitz and I have glitz at home damnit’.

The decors here are just reused except for the creepy-looking-supposedly-angels that seem to be stuck in the branches and just couldn’t find a way of releasing themselves. I made them; and it’s not a surprise that they actually look like ‘Halloween Dolls’ for I made them last November 1. (to tell you honestly, I was pretty convinced that they look like angels until my super kulit and incredibly smart-mouthed little cousin came into our house and saw it. She was like, “Wow, Halloween Dolls!” and she mean it as a compliment mind you. And I was like… WHAT.THE….ok, Happy Halloween you little insect! hahaha.)

By the way, they’re just made of rolled white fabrics as heads and those heads are shrouded by the same sized fabric then furry wings; add glitz to the ‘dress’ and let’s never forget the face drawn with a beloved Sharpie. (to make them look like smiling and not ‘all-over’ creepy. Hahaha.

This is just an artificial plant decor and I seem to get by and jazz it up with reused balls and ribbons that were hanged in our tree last year.

See? Who says decors are pricey? You just have to get your art materials ready and I’m sure you can pretty make anything awesome in a jiffy. Not a cent needed.


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