Man The Hell Up!

Ok. Sounds tough right? More likely a statement delivered or received by a bulky, heavy muscled man wearing a NO FEAR shirt or no shirt at all.

The television commercial of KFC’s Double Decker Burger came to my attention right away. (Super-sized burgers are on the limelight in our country nowadays.)

I think the ad’s main message is something like, “Man up Bro! Eat a double decker.” or something like, “If you eat the KFC Double Decker, you are a certified tough guy!” To me this is indeed a very outstanding advertising. Way to go to the people behind this! (I am sincere here)

The only thing that’s worrying me is the promoted notion that eating bulky, greasy, fatty meals can now be considered a basis of being manly. I know I am a bit overacting and you would say, “What the hell, it should not be taken seriously, it’s just an ad and advertising is puffery!”, but “To hell with you as well, people has a different mind of their own, how can we be sure what others might think?”

I am not a health freak or something but I can say that I am more conscious of what I eat now; not like when I was in high school where I don’t even know what “Calorie” means. Seriously. I used to pretty much eat everything that I think is yummy and what can be considered as food.

Until I learned that, sort of just like nouns, food has classifications, PROPER and IMPROPER; Just like plants, there are NATURAL and ARTIFICIAL; And just like decisions, the food that you eat may be the RIGHT ones or the WRONG ones. And that was the start of my maturity. (I think) But don’t get me wrong, I SOMETIMES indulge on the improper/artificial/wrong ones. Why? It’s because it’s so wrong but it feels so right. *winks

Going back to the TVC, I perceived it as a huge IRONY. I mean, MAN UP!? Well, sure, burning up 1,247 calories (just the burger alone) will definitely make you a man! And good luck to that dude!

That TVC seems to have padded up the word ‘FAT’ by ‘MAN’. “FAT UP!” Oooh, seems so apt.

Anyway, my main take on here is that for me, being a real man is actually having the discipline to eat the right thing in balance in accordance to your BMI. I will always admire a man who treats his body as a temple and enjoys his way through health. You don’t have to be a health freako, you just got to have the care.
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