Farm Heat

Have you not go to places
Days and days the sun watches

Fields owned by bushes
And a man who has not the riches

For him the sun is everything
But never considers the rain with loathing

These two are needed for his breathing
Just like the heart needs a pumping

I wonder how he thinks
Of the things around him that stinks

I asked him this whilst he never blinks
Answered with a smile and offered me drinks

I thought he would ignore me after that
But he looked up to me and sat

Tells me I must be an expat
From that world where he won’t ever spat

Next thing I knew I am escorted outside
Where fields are abundant and the light in full sight

Then my chest thuds and feels like on flight
Eating up the wind that I start to fight

I can feel the sun sting my wrapping
And soothed by the wind that’s almost laughing

My nose starts on its job in wandering
Manure, toadstool, weed, it’s tricking

Until I got aware of his presence from not so far
I saw myself as a sentinel to a star
He seems elated whilst his moves are vulgar
His body coated by some mud or I don’t know if it’s tar
Up til now I feel like a shy bat
For having asked him that
How can I be such a brat
Now I start to think and just sat.


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