Strike 1. Nostalgia


It’s exactly 12:41am today and I can still feel my heart beating so fast. Why? Nostalgia. I just finished watching a number of videos of my college days in my laptop and I terribly miss my classmates. It’s been almost a year since we all gathered together complete and I long for that moment to come again.
The humour that we have is just so extraordinary for me and I am so thankful that I was able to capture some funny moments with them, even though the ones in my file put together are not even close to describe how we love being with one another even just for a short while. I call the experience, “The True Cracking Laughter”.

My having a new environment without them makes me think of how life really HAS to change. It’s like watching some beautiful scenery while you’re in a train; and as the train went along, you are to let go of the bliss and give your attention to another one.
It’s true that life is full of choices. Life is full of choices with dead-end options.

I have found my first ever job and I had to live in an apartment with a new roommate and all. It’s been over a month since I had this change and living apart from my family is not that a big deal for me anymore, I’m a big girl and my pool of interest just gets on getting bigger and bigger, for me to have to worry about spending my time without my family.
Now I see myself as a very small creature in a very big world. Then, I see myself as a girl who loves living within the borders because nothing is of much importance out there.
But sometimes it just strikes me, us. Nostalgia. I wish I could go back from being the latter.


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