This is the time of my life called, ‘SOCIALIZATION-LAZY’

This is the time of my life called, ‘SOCIALIZATION-LAZY’.

I got this phrase from the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’; although I know I need not be disclosing that since most of the people in the world think that I am the only one who saw this movie just now. Well, I kept on searching for it for some time until I knew that the title should’ve included, ‘The’. What the?!

Anyway, I already have it. Thanks be to God.

One of my friends thinks that the movie is actually a predictable one, but to me it isn’t. Maybe that is because I appreciate film making now more than I did before. It is indeed hard to get people hug their pillows tightly and watch with wide eyes open throughout the movie with many moments of tears and a few moments of laughter though they haven’t had any sleep the night before- which was my case- I work at night.

Indeed, when I watched this movie, I am actually in the process of shutting down, but hey, I did not shut down. I was dipped in the sea of homesickness that week and I needed a little company and this was my own way of escape; working for almost two months now seems to be bit of a challenge for me, and yes, I still experience a heavy load of nostalgia every day, seven days a week. Pretty lip protruding huh.

Maybe this is because until now I am not sure of the path I have chosen, given that fact that I have just been away from my two month new friends in training and now I have to start all over again in the production phase, which I am too lazy to do right now. (I am talking about socializing; yes; where I would have to ask for another person’s name and what he or she does and then ask more questions and what not to get the conversation going and build the rapport.)

Well, I am not a loner, don’t get me wrong. I’m just lazy right now. And maybe that is also because right now I am not feeling the sense of belongingness that I am craving to feel in a new environment that I would need to dwell on because all are busy minding their own business.

But see, I am trying. I will continue trying until I find the connection.

“Socialization gives us the tools to fill our evolutionary roles. They are our building blocks.”

 – Warren Farrell

Ok, Mr. Farrell, will do.








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