Cagbalete Island (Mauban, Quezon, Philippines)

After so many months of not being able to go on someplace together, my friends decided to go on a summer trip in the beautiful island of Cagbalete, located in Mauban, Quezon, here in our very own country.
We really find it hard to plan a trip like this and this is actually our first get together on a place that’s far from our places so we were very excited to the extent that some of us actually started to pack their bags a week before. (Including me because I thought that I would be going straight to the meeting place after I got out of the office in Manila Thursday morning, but it’s a good thing I got to go home first to rest for a while before the long journey).

Friday night we started to gather in our friend’s house in Batangas and waited for the others who have their works in Manila as well. It’s good that we get to find a time for each other though we are busy on each other’s new life.
We left at four in the morning and took a bus to Lucena for two hours (butt sore) and stopped over to eat since another long bus trip is coming and we don’t want to feel any further hunger on our way. Then, we looked for a bus going to Mauban which took us two hours again to reach the town (butt sore again) but the trip had been fun since we got to see some beautiful rivers on our way (which made us all the more excited for our destination). Bought food at the Mauban market and went straight to the port and rode a boat (almost an hour) with a huge number of people going to the island as well–which will make you think that the boat might sink for overloading, but thank God it didn’t. (There is only two trips everyday to the island, on 10:00 am and 1:00 pm)

We finally reached the island… We didn’t have any reservations prior to the trip but we get to have a budget-friendly cottage which we find so nice and cozy.




The sea was on low tide but we enjoyed as well since we get to go to what they call Bonzai Island and took pictures there.




When it’s high tide this is literally located in the middle of the ocean, so we had to hurry up taking pictures because most of us cannot swim well, including me.

Our only one complete group shot. Only one. pfft.

Then went back to the shore to play our favorite role—‘Camwhores’




We were actually laughing on ourselves during this time, I mean, it’s really funny how crazy we can get. Hahaha.

Ump. Just for play. Not serious, kay?

I love this group photo of ‘them’. And the best thing about this is I am not included,I’m the one who took the shot. Great.

The next day, we went to another part of the Island which took us approximately 45 minutes by boat.
Special thanks to our boat driver who we called ‘Dadsky’. Hahaha. I even forgot his real name, we were so fond of calling him ‘Dadsky’. (And honestly, I am not even sure where the Dadsky came from, it may be from one of our out-of-nowhere hilarious conversations) Hahaha. He was so nice. But of course he’s nice, he’s a Filipino. 😉


And behold again…
White powdery sea surface, light blue water… What am I even saying?
It’s PARADISE, period.


And the last day walk to the shore.


P.S. Best Summer ever. 😀


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