This is a super late post. I just had to share it since it’s one of the most important days of my every year. This was my birthday. (September 24) I just made a ‘Thank You’ cake for the ones who bothered to greet me that time and  also to the people who’ve been part of my life. We weren’t able to celebrate since we’re also having a rough time because my Lola (grandmother) had stroke. She is gone now but she will always be in ME all my life. She raised and disciplined me for who I am now and taught me things I needed to know in this life since my mother is away; so basically, I am like Her.
I cannot even put into words what she IS in my life.


and my favorite FROSTING


I made this late at night and put in the refrigerator overnight and served it the next morning. I find the cake recipe a bit too sweet so you might want to cut the sugar if you’d want to try it. The frosting is heaven though.


The texture is very good. Cakes are really best if refrigerated first. In my opinion.

A7I put melted Nestle butterscotch chips as the filling because there’s nothing else in our house.

a4I just woke up. Lo siento por el pelo desordenado. 😛





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