This was last Saturday night where we held a simple get together and let’s just call it a Christmas Party since the day is near btw. As much as possible, my college classmates and also my best friends always plan to catch up every week especially that we are on different paths now and seldom see each other. We now have different priorities in life. Yes. We are matured already as I can say. But we it’s also true that ‘OUR MATURITY DEPENDS ON WHO WE’RE WITH’. It goes like this.








2I’d like to congratulate my Sugar (@iamnonamarielle) (http://iheartnona.blogspot.com/) as well for having passed the Civil Service Examination PROFESSIONAL LEVEL. She is one wiseass dumbass intelligent woman. Way to go Shugaru!

8And I also want to congratulate Paul as she tells me that he is so happy, actually, ELATED with his job right now at GMA Network Group (Pinoy MD). Tells me also that he is close already with the celebrity host there. LOL. I love to hear his stories all the time and how he says them and that’s what I miss about him A LOT! But the downside is that he is gaining too much weight now and I’m afraid that might affect his health. But oh well, as long as your happy Paul, we’re happy. Just slowly cut the carbs, kay?! Hahaha. Mukha ka nang mag-iinom po.

4Happy with the gifts that we received amounting at least P100, so most are bought at Sideras as we call it. (thrift stores where affordable and low quality products are sold randomly at the sreets) LOL. I can’t believe I really defined it in my own words, I’m a jerk.

18Some already went home but these guys continued the moment and stayed up all night. Me? I was asleep this time because I had to work again the next day at 5am and will have to wake up at two and commute to the office. So basically I just had, 2 hours of sleep. What I will do to be with you people. Not to mention that after work, I also had a Christmas Party with my workmates. Hahay.

That day was really crazy. While I’m having my short sleep that time, I still can hear their LOUD laughs about throwbacks, so my sleep was just horrible. Til next time lovies! 😀




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