WANTED: Wonderwall

According to Noel Gallagher (the writer of the song), “Wonderwall” describes “an imaginary friend who’s gonna come and save you from yourself”. 

I am not so sure if I am on my sane self for last few weeks. I know I am young, but I know I have also experienced enough to be able to decide what’s best for me and what I really want in my life. –or so I thought? I don’t know.

Sometimes it seems like my decisions are so wrong but sometimes when I weigh the opposing thoughts, my preference seems right. –or that’s just what I thought?

I have been with so many people and colleagues older my age and obviously are more experienced than I am when it comes to the perplexity of life but I seem not to listen to their advices because I think that I am a totally DIFFERENT and I have a totally different state of mind and point of view… and different road.

I am now in search for my Wonderwall, my other self who will save me from this “probable” insanity in my head. I hope she will come and save me NOW. NOW. NOW. I can’t wait. I want it RUSH.



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