Summer 2014 (Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro Philippines)

Oh, how we love summertime. Not the extremely hot weather but for times like these.

We went to one of the famous beaches in the Philippines(Puerto Galera, in Oriental Mindoro), a few hours commute from our city and this is what brought us there. My friends searched online for a place that we could go so here it is. White sand, (not that fine like Boracay’s, (the most famous one) but it’s nice), summer activities, beautiful islands, nightlife and happy people.

We arrived there late in the afternoon, after a more than one hour bus ride and one a half hour boat ride. SO the sun is already preparing itself to rest.


Me and Joey hair color junkie.




On our second day there, we went island hopping. (After several transactions and bargains with the boatmen, our budget made it!, thanks to Kreng, the bargain queen, haha)
Here is a picture of our “galak na galak” (extremely happy) moment at the boat ride.



We went snorkeling first, which I really enjoyed! I actually thought when I see people snorkeling in pictures, it looks boring, because, how will you be able to see under the sea with almost only 1/4 if your body in water?! but then, I was wrong…I felt like I was deeper because the fishes are like inches away from my face, we were also able to feed the fishes underwater so they came closer to us. The corals? they are magnificent!
We also went to this underwater cave as they call it. This I enjoyed most not because of the cave itself but of how we went down there. We thought that it’s not that deep and a “no sweat” thing, but then when we go down the water, oh well. it’s deep brother! And most of us really don’t know how to swim at all, (even though we have life vests, still we were so scared) so we held on each others body which ofcourse will lead the other one go down the water because of the weight and panic.
And yeah, we weren’t able to have a decent picture there. lol




This is how we spent our nights. Watched the fire dancers, laughed at funny gay performers, took picture, ate, and most of the time, sleep. haha. We didn’t even drink alcohol, well, that’s just how we are and I am proud to say that we don’t need it in order to enjoy.

Yes, he is! (man at the left hand corner) A certified photobomber! (slow clap) lol

Aaaand yes. It was terrific! Till next summer! -,*


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