A Visit to Jonas’ New Crib and A Little Casual Movie Date


I am not sure of how many houses my friend Jonas has actually ever had. They buy and sell houses for business. And there is this new one which we found the coolest of them all.

Actually we we’re just planning to go to the movies to kill time and see each other and stuff, but Jonas has invited us to their new house located just at the back of the mall where we gathered (SM San Pablo) and so, why not. By the way we had to wait a few more minutes before the start of the movie we’ll be seeing. It’s just a tricycle away or we can even walk to get there.

And it’s cool, glass doors everywhere and fresh air, we liked it. The only downside in my opinion is you don’t get to be with more people or family members when you’re there. But it’s totally fine with my friend, he says they actually visit most of the time so…


Their house is also near the clubhouse of the subdivision, so cool. It almost looks like it’s their own pool!

Went straight to the kitchen led by Kreng.

At the staircase and uhm, Kreng?

Roc and Yvonne. All I wonder is where they got those hats from? But, oh well…

Twa’s me and Kreng’s turn for those hats. Haha.


Then there was a sudden hilarious moment that after the kiss and Ipe is kissing Yvonne more and more, Yvonne’s eyebrow, (well not really the hairbrows) stained Ipe’s forehead. Yvonne’s eyebrow liner is quite thick I guess, Mambi, do not be too generous in putting it, ok?    Then Kreng goes like… TRANSFERRABLE KILAY! (transferrable eyebrows) and laughed for more than a minute, I still can help but smirk whenever I think about this moment. Haha.

Laughs some more. And btw, this headband (or whatever you would want it to be called) is the gift I received from our Friendsgiving (little christmas party among friends) from Nona my sugar shugshug. http://iheartnona.blogspot.com/2015/01/friendsgiving.html 🙂

Roc, who I am very glad to see again. He hasn’t shown himself up for the last couple of months that’s why. I wish we can have him often.

The owner of the house, Jonas. I like the smile here. Good job!

Well, then after a few photo shoots at the cool crib, we went on to see the movie, “English Only Please”—it’s about a foolish heart Filipina translator who was hired by a Filipino-American guy to teach him speak tagalog and be able to say some not-so-nice words to his ex-girlfriend who left him. And then… I know you know what went on at the end. Don’t argue. Lol.


And we went to eat at a mexican restaurant at the city. It’s called, ‘Si Christina’. Si!

Stephen. Ipe. Godson. Good son.

Well the food was good, but I prefer to have larger serving sizes than these. The price should pay well. Coz with the tummies that we have, we finished our meals for like five bites max. Haha. Sorry not sorry. Si!

Thanks Uts for letting us into your place. And this hangout (HOHOL) is so good. I wish we could do this more often. We will find ways right?



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