Ano? Nuevo


Ohh hi, my first post for this year 2015!

There are things to start over and stuff. It feels so surreal that I am still sane with all the things that happened in the past year.

It feels so good you know. Though I’m not quite sure if I started it wise on my career since I am absent from work that first day of the year. Yes, I am part of the lucky ones who has to work on holidays, and added to that, it’s a Critical Workday!

It’s because of FAMILY bro, family. You can’t blame me. I cannot not be home for New Year. It’s the most celebrated day of the every year for us. (I actually talked with my manager and told him that I am ready for the bitter consequence of this action- and that is, to sign papers that tells I am not allowed to skip work for five months or I will be suspended) Yessir.

To be honest, I feel like career is not really my priority as of this time, even though others think that it looks like it is. I am very careless of my work stats and standing; I feel like as long as I do my job correctly, that’s it. I am still not planning to be on the run for promotion, kiss my boss’ feet and work on rest days. WORK ON REST DAYS. WTH. It’s my ME time dude; I mean, I get to be myself more when I am out of the office, not pretending that I am some grown up who works her ass off and trying hard to look smarter than other people.

At this point in time, I’d lie to spend most of my time with my loved ones. When I started working and see friends and family come and go, I get to realize how time spent with them becomes priceless. And that is the wisest thing to choose.

So here we go with the New Year’s eve at our house. Yay!


I set this up. Hihi. I want balloons everywhere. I deserve a slow clap. I blew air in most of them manually.

My Tita Dorie a.k.a Chado, we helped each other in cooking these stuff ya know. Aaall daaay. and I was fresh from my night shift work. Whew! I don’t know how I survived.

My Lolo (grandpa). I literally had to push him to go for a picture, you know, old men. Love you Lo! hihi.

Ate Cristel, Me, Dada and Ate Maybelle. My gorgeous cousins. I don’t have a sibling. But I have them and many more from another mother. Lol.

Jarren. The cutest of them all. The youngest in the family.

OUR FAMILY. Love, love and love.

The kiddos, carrying the gifts I made. There’s nothing in them, haha, they are props for the home.

Our little PRINCESS as she demands to be called. She is Ate Maybelles older daughter and very pretty and pretty sturdy as well. So mataray and maldita! This on of the few times that she is in the mood for a photo. Haha. I just wish she could be always like that when we ask her to pose. I wish. Lol.

We cannot manage the food somehow.

Just one of the crazy looking shots we got. Hurray for the Tilapia.

Oh well, another new year well spent with family. No regrets at all. *wink *wink

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.



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