01/17/2015 —Saturday

I checked the clock and it is 12:01 am. I was bitten by a mosquito so bad that my mind was so awakened by the sting and itch. I thought that it is already quite the time for me to get up. But man, 5am is far still. I checked my phone and there is a message from my Sugar, Nona; telling me that she just went to her blog site and posted something random because I inspired her after she scanned through mine.

It’s funny that it is also because of her blog that I was able to go back posting here. I checked through it one time while I was at work and terribly bored. Luckily, the office computer has allowed me to access her site, (‘where mine can’t be,’ many sites in the office are restricted, especially SNS, due to security) and there I was able to read some of her blog posts that go back years ago when we were in college. I find it blissful— nostalgia sets in and the moments went back in my mind, tickled my heart and made me giggle uncontrollably.

It’s like tasting life twice. ­— Thus the header of this blog site.

I find it so hard for me to feel genuine bliss whenever I am at work, so reading through her blog on idle times gives me a little mind vacation.

That’s the time that I got inspired to record in my blog (as much as possible) the things happening in my life especially with the people who complete every moment of it. I get to go online every week, Friday to Sunday so I promise to allot time in keeping this updated weekly if I can.

And yes, we apparently inspire each other. Lol

I even told her to remind me every time to not forget posting here.

We started calling each other Sugar at the time when we were in college and we are hooked on James Patterson’s books, especially the series for Alex Cross (also the name of the fictional protagonist). He has a best friend named John Sampson, and they call each other Sugar which makes it funny because they are badass men, working with guns and stuff. Alex is a former FBI agent but still works with police homicide division when needed and when called by his on duty bff.

Me and Nona find it funny and then we just started calling each other Sugar randomly in school and over the years has somehow evolved to Shug/Shuggy.

We get along most of the time especially when it comes to shitty hilarious things that we think of randomly. We consider our opinions with one’s life shenanigans. I get to tell her everything without any doubts that it will be kept safe in psyche. She will be my only Sugary Shug Shug.

Well then, this is just a random thought. Ima get back to bed now.



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