Graham Balls

This is just one of my “How do I make that?” “I will make that. ” moments.
I first tasted graham balls when we had our house Christmas Party last year in one of my work mate’s place, we loved it all, they were so delicious and delightfully sweet.
It was brought by one our mommy workmates for the group. I cannot first imagine how to do it but I already decided in my head that I make one of these one day. And this is it, even though it is after a year already, so many things running into my head until last week that me and my friend baker just talked about it randomly, and so the weekend came…

2 cans evaporated milk
1 can/ cup heavy cream
1 pack/ 1 kilo crushed grahams
5 tsps cinnamon powder
2 cups grated nuts

– Mix the evaporated milk, and heavy cream in a large bowl and stir in half kilo of crushed grahams and the cinnamon powder.
– Stir until when combined and add some more graham to achieve the right consistency. ( It shouldn’t be too sticky for you will have to roll them into balls)
– Create small balls and put roll it over crushed grahams or any other ingredient you like. (I used nuts for some)

Tip: When I used the nuts, it tend to be watery later on that it not very pleasant to eat anymore, I prefer rolling it over the crushed grahams or milk, or any other powdery ingredient you like.)

LITERALLY EASY AS 1, 2, 3. right? 😉

I was able to make 3 platters of them, which could last a day especially for my cousin kiddos. Haha.



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