Dadoy’s 7th!

02-15-2015. Sunday.

I spent my Valentine’s day just like a normal day in the house trying to rest from six days of non-stop work because I had to. But I was at that time looking forward already to the thought that my little cousin Jimmuel will have his 7th birthday and I cannot not bake him a cake or cook for him this time.

I bought a ready-bake cake mix which is the one on the right and the other one is something that I made from scratch. I was also my older cousin’s (Ate CJ) birthday last week so I decided to make one for her too, I love this kind of stuff where I am able to show my family how important they are to me, plus I also enjoy cooking/baking. This is getting really exciting added the fact that I learn a lot that learning complicated part of these seems easier for me.

Chocolate frosting. 1 cup of butter and about half a cup of powdered cocoa and sugar.

I actually ran out of wax paper to put at the bottom of the cake pans so with the chocolate cake that I made from scratch, that bottom stuck so it ruined the shape of the round cake. I had to patch them up altogether using the frosting I made and God was still good to me. hihi.

This was the time that I realized how important wax papers are in baking. lol

With the cake mix that I made with the bread loaf shaped pan, I cut it to look like number 7. This is a new milestone for me by the way. And I’m glad it turned out fine.

With the icing, to be honest I still am in the look out for the best egg white icing recipe until now. Looking for the ones that will not loose the texture and will not look bubbly as hours passed. And guess what, I still haven’t found it.

But this one actually looks fine, I had to do two batches because the first one quite slumped out of air on the last minute when I tried to add powdered sugar.

I surround the round cake for Ate CJ with the icing I made and some store bought Pretzels.

And for my little BOY cousin’s cake, I tried to make a blue icing by mixing the green and yellow food color and obviously I failed. haha.

Added some store bought Pillows at the top. Not much resources for cake decors at home. lol

And they are done!

This is my Ate CJ’s second to the oldest son Jaden, isn’t he a cutie who knows how to smile to the camera?

The food. Also bought some balloons for my little cuzzo.

Jimmuel (Dadoy) and Gian (his older brother).

And this is the picture of my uncle, (Dadoy’s father) wearing blue. Their family is having a rough time but I am glad that he lets us help him with it. I know that he will be able to raise his two boys well, our family will. 🙂

A humble 7th birthday done!



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