Weddings and Couple’s Beginnings

March 3, 2015. Tuesday.

Oh weddings, one of my fantasies in life. With white all over the place, flowers and where loved ones are all smiles with twinkling eyes.

I enjoy attending weddings. I am always the audience who is in the wedding and at the same time picturing how my own wedding would look like in the future. It’s like being in two places at the same time.

After I came home from work, we attended my cousin’s simple wedding with her long time partner. They already have their own home and a child, the wedding just got delayed. Better delayed than never right?

She is the bride. My cousin. Ate Maybelle. I did her make up and hair. Simple. Just simple.

The newly weds. Kuya Ian and Ate Maybelle. I was also the photographer. LOL. And I haven’t even had an hour of sleep yet straight from work. I love them, so no big deal.

The wedding was held at the municipal hall of Calauan, Laguna, our hometown. They were with two other couples.

Nikko, Ate Cristel, Ate Maybelle and me. My other cousin, Dada wasn’t able to come because of work, sadly.

And yes, wearing our thick faces, we arranged a simple and funny serenade for them. As you can see we just laughed most of the time. But who cares, we had fun.

Thankfully, the wedding was celebrated successfully with our immediate family members, friends and the chosen sponsors.

Wishing them the best moments together especially now. 🙂


March 4, 2015. Wednesday.

Another wedding the next day. And this time I am part of the entourage. It’s my first tiiime! YAY!

Ate Grace. The breathtakingly beautiful bride. We’ve been friends since college where we attended the same subject together. She was actually a year ahead of me, but being an irregular student, she had to take certain subjects.

She usually sits beside me and that’s when she find me interesting. LOL. Kidding.


We just got along well with stuff and me being aloof with my classmates on my first years of college, we tend to go to the library together. She finds me funny because of my ignorance on “city girl stuff”. Haha. (I haven’t gone to many malls before, doesn’t know certain fashion brands and stuff, that’s what I meant.)

I was on my exploration stage that time. Until now to be honest.

That was their super cool and vintage bridal car.

Me and Ate Xta on our way to the church. She is Ate Grace’ batch mate and a Co-AB Communication student.

Padre Pio church in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

The bride’s batch mates. Except me of course.

The gorgeous wedding reception. I am slightly expecting this. I know Ate Grace will never settle for less.

The program was short and enjoyable. Kuya Wang (the groom) insist on keeping it short. LOL.

The wedding entourage. I really loved the motif and the formality of men in suits.

Bride’s maids. The food was heavenly and simple.

Me in this beautiful gown.

I’m actually very thankful that I was able to go back to the reception area from the church with shoes still on my feet.

While we were still sitting in the church, (and thankfully I was able to walk already in the isle) my shoes got broken, both of them. The lower part of the shoes, (platform) until the middle lower part (shank) peeled off totally and I didn’t brought any slippers with me  so I started freaking out because I still had to take care of the candle part of the ceremony.

Thankfully, Ate Xta suggested that I use her ponytail to tie the platform and the sole together and it’s good that I always have a ponytail with me so I was saved. Good Lord!

The groom and the bride.

Going home thankfully I was able to ride with my co-bridesmaid Aileen (Ate Grace’ workmate).

This is an experience of a lifetime. Off my bucket list. LOL.



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