Pandin Lake (San Pablo, Laguna)

My mother is home and I planned all along the we should have more family get together outside the four corners of our house. My folks are really not into going out because they always think that it’s costly and not worth their time. They always prefer celebrating inside the house on EVERY occasion. And now, for a change, I kept on nagging for weeks to go to Pandin Lake which is relatively near because is just a two jeepney rides away from us and I finally won, so here is our experience.

IMG_20150908_162938After the jeepney ride, there is still quite a long walk to get to the lake itself, (which my mother and aunts hated because it was about to get noon and getting so damn hot) but we just laughed it all out (well, me and my cousins). lol.

I asked for Aling Siony (09299789565) my contact person who I texted early in the morning for reservation prior to us going there. She is one of the Barangay councilors who mostly takes charge of maintaining the lake and confirms reservations from people who wants to go there. She is not around but she told the residents for out arrival and we are welcomed gladly.

We are the first ones to get to tour the lake. We brought some food with us and just ordered some viands from the residents which tasted so good.

IMG_20150908_154646Our companions from the area took us to the other side of the lake and there hangs an incredibly large and U shaped tree root that serves as swing. But of course…

IMG_20150908_152054We stayed for two hours at that area just laughing, taking pictures and talking about stuff. I’m glad my folks liked it and are wanting to go to another place again some other time.

IMG_20150908_153601Caught this little monkey in the middle a tantrum. LOL.

IMG_20150908_163417On our way back home, I met these handsomes. How beautiful are they eh?

IMG_20150908_165924We went near them and they walked closer to us maybe they think we’ll feed them and this little guy let me touch him. There is really an overwhelming feeling whenever animals let you touch them.



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