Isdaan Floating Restaurant (Calauan, Laguna)

As I have said on my previous post, I kept on nagging my mother for us to go to someplace else for fun, so then we came to this restaurant which is just a few kilometers away from us.
Isdaan Floating Restauranht is located in Brgy. Bangyas, Calauan, Laguna, our hometown.
I always pass by this restaurant whenever I rode the bus going back to Manila every week and always stares at the gigantic statues they have.

When you get there, you will be welcomed by this giantess.
IMG_20150915_185042And will swoon over their beautiful pathway. Thailand feels!

IMG_20150915_191904Everywhere is photo worthy.


After loitering around, we stopped by for what we should be there for. To eat.  We just ordered three different classes of Pancit and Halo-Halo. I loved the dessert more because it was so tasty though quite pricey.  I think they just added some fee for the bliss of being in there.

IMG_20150915_223021After the meal, if you have kids with you, they will be given a pack of candy treats and balloons each. Generous.

IMG_20150915_222529There’s also this one part of the resto where you can throw your angers out. But you will need to buy the things that you will be throwing of course. lol

IMG_20150915_215457The giant monkey.

IMG_20150915_223540And some more statues. I had to take pictures with these ladies, they’ve got my boob dream. Kidding!

IMG_20150915_215822The sun sets. That’s a real bird I caught right there! 🙂

IMG_20150915_190813This is a very good place if you want to see something new especially with the family. I wasn’t able to post most of the statues because they are too many! I heard they are improving their food too!



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