Birthday Week! I turn 23.

September 24, 2015. Feels surreal. I am already on my 23rd year as a human being (?)! LOL. Happy that I have my mother with me on my special day. She really planned to be home so she can cook for my friends she said. My mother, always the kindest.

Even when I was still so young, I think of being 23 years old as the starting age of an official adult. And then, here I am now. An inevitable change in my life. I really have to hug it, both arms and chest pressed tight.

DSC_1471On the week of my birthday I took some days leave from work so I can have my friends come over for a day of catching up, food and laughter. Just like the previous year. I am honestly overwhelmed that some of them were able to come despite of their busy schedules as my CO-ADULTS. lol

IMG_20150921_100641IMG_20150921_100156It surprised me that Joey has texted our former college batch mate and one of my craziest friends, Checa, to come. While I was cooking, she just showed up in front of the house with cakes and stuff. Surprised all of us actually. I love you Checa!

IMG_20150921_100103Food, Food, Food.

Then played UNO cards with a little bit of cursing each other. LOL


IMG_20150920_200318Just like the previous year. The classic class picture gag. 😀



I also get to see my high school friends. We went to Mahalynne’s house for a little catching up and laughter as well. Crisalie cooked some pasta and I brought baked croissant-like breads and empanadas. I missed these girls so much!

IMG_20150923_115305IMG_20150923_115529Some of our NACTS friends weren’t able to come because of work so we Skyped with them instead for fun. lol. And t’was really funny. We always have a way of making things funny when we’re together.


And my long-planned sleep-over at Ate Grace’s house finally pushed through!

She has been my go-to Ate since college. I told her I am thankful to God that she was an irregular student then, because that’s how we became friends, she’ll sit beside me on one of the subjects that she was taking with us.

There, we celebrated my birthday. She bought me a cake and pizza and I brought some food as well.

Will not be complete without some movie marathon.


IMG_20150923_131123As much as possible I would like to do this every year. Reunite with friends. I will find a way to.


And then, there is my Lola right there. I miss her so much. If only I could share my happiness with her.

I am beyond thankful for everything.






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