Bolinao, Pangasinan Philippines

One of the highlights of this year is visiting this paradise of the north with friends. Every year we always make it a point that we plan for a travel together to keep the bond tight and for pleasure of course.

Everyone of us took a leave from work weeks before just to commit with this year’s long planned vacation. The ones who will not commit will be dead. *kidding


This is the Patar beach. Who wouldn’t dream of burrying their feet at this fine sand and sit on one of the beautifully formed rocks scattered there? This picture doesnt lie, i tell you.


There is this shallow part of the beach that sets two resorts apart. We hang in the water for a while talking about random funny things. Some local kids were catching fish there and t’was fascinating to watch. There are fishes in that part, yes!



The next day, we go to the Bolinao falls which really got me in awe. Blue green water that flows peacefully through beautiful rock formations.

Whenever we see falls like this, first thing we would like to do is to jump. But this one took us a long while before we did. The locals warned us that the current was strong and it might drown us below if we landed on the wrong part. Scary, but for the sake of thrill, Joey and I, did it.

We had to rent life vests just to make sure it will not be a certain end of our lives. (the falls look shallow in the picture, but it was 18  effin’ feet below man!)

Before I jumped, I had to conquer the weakness of my knees and the thought at the back of my mind that I will get drowned. But f*ck that, I killed it still.

I blame the locals for saying it was dangerous, I think they’re over reacting. It was the same as jumping off the river, only difference is that you had to fight the current after the landing. I was just so proud of myself. 🙂 YOLO


The usual shenanigan headed by Joey.



After the falls, we went to the Enchanted Cave.


We took stairs going below.



The cave was not that big but it was indeed enchanted. It seems like we were in another world.


We enjoyed floating in the water but also cautious that our body might bump into the rocks, those are dangerous to bump into because they were sharpened by the flows of water drops over time.


It was a really good feeling being inside that cave, the rock formation is beyond beautiful. That time, I realized how amazing God is, to create something like this, effortlessly.


At our second day, we had to make the most of our stay and taking good photos is mandatory.



I wasn’t able to bring the correct swimwear if you can notice. LOL.


Uhm? Yes? Bahaha.


Joey’s hair!

The thug life photo. We were actually hurting each other here.





Then the sunset came. DSC_3017




On our way home, we passed by the Bolinao light house.


Bought locally made souvenirs at very low price.


Then at last, the church.


Thank you God for this beautiful trip.

Till the next one!



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