Bolinao, Pangasinan Philippines

One of the highlights of this year is visiting this paradise of the north with friends. Every year we always make it a point that we plan for a travel together to keep the bond tight and for pleasure of course.

Everyone of us took a leave from work weeks before just to commit with this year’s long planned vacation. The ones who will not commit will be dead. *kidding


This is the Patar beach. Who wouldn’t dream of burrying their feet at this fine sand and sit on one of the beautifully formed rocks scattered there? This picture doesnt lie, i tell you.


There is this shallow part of the beach that sets two resorts apart. We hang in the water for a while talking about random funny things. Some local kids were catching fish there and t’was fascinating to watch. There are fishes in that part, yes!



The next day, we go to the Bolinao falls which really got me in awe. Blue green water that flows peacefully through beautiful rock formations.

Whenever we see falls like this, first thing we would like to do is to jump. But this one took us a long while before we did. The locals warned us that the current was strong and it might drown us below if we landed on the wrong part. Scary, but for the sake of thrill, Joey and I, did it.

We had to rent life vests just to make sure it will not be a certain end of our lives. (the falls look shallow in the picture, but it was 18  effin’ feet below man!)

Before I jumped, I had to conquer the weakness of my knees and the thought at the back of my mind that I will get drowned. But f*ck that, I killed it still.

I blame the locals for saying it was dangerous, I think they’re over reacting. It was the same as jumping off the river, only difference is that you had to fight the current after the landing. I was just so proud of myself. 🙂 YOLO


The usual shenanigan headed by Joey.



After the falls, we went to the Enchanted Cave.


We took stairs going below.



The cave was not that big but it was indeed enchanted. It seems like we were in another world.


We enjoyed floating in the water but also cautious that our body might bump into the rocks, those are dangerous to bump into because they were sharpened by the flows of water drops over time.


It was a really good feeling being inside that cave, the rock formation is beyond beautiful. That time, I realized how amazing God is, to create something like this, effortlessly.


At our second day, we had to make the most of our stay and taking good photos is mandatory.



I wasn’t able to bring the correct swimwear if you can notice. LOL.


Uhm? Yes? Bahaha.


Joey’s hair!

The thug life photo. We were actually hurting each other here.





Then the sunset came. DSC_3017




On our way home, we passed by the Bolinao light house.


Bought locally made souvenirs at very low price.


Then at last, the church.


Thank you God for this beautiful trip.

Till the next one!



Birthday Week! I turn 23.

September 24, 2015. Feels surreal. I am already on my 23rd year as a human being (?)! LOL. Happy that I have my mother with me on my special day. She really planned to be home so she can cook for my friends she said. My mother, always the kindest.

Even when I was still so young, I think of being 23 years old as the starting age of an official adult. And then, here I am now. An inevitable change in my life. I really have to hug it, both arms and chest pressed tight.

DSC_1471On the week of my birthday I took some days leave from work so I can have my friends come over for a day of catching up, food and laughter. Just like the previous year. I am honestly overwhelmed that some of them were able to come despite of their busy schedules as my CO-ADULTS. lol

IMG_20150921_100641IMG_20150921_100156It surprised me that Joey has texted our former college batch mate and one of my craziest friends, Checa, to come. While I was cooking, she just showed up in front of the house with cakes and stuff. Surprised all of us actually. I love you Checa!

IMG_20150921_100103Food, Food, Food.

Then played UNO cards with a little bit of cursing each other. LOL


IMG_20150920_200318Just like the previous year. The classic class picture gag. 😀



I also get to see my high school friends. We went to Mahalynne’s house for a little catching up and laughter as well. Crisalie cooked some pasta and I brought baked croissant-like breads and empanadas. I missed these girls so much!

IMG_20150923_115305IMG_20150923_115529Some of our NACTS friends weren’t able to come because of work so we Skyped with them instead for fun. lol. And t’was really funny. We always have a way of making things funny when we’re together.


And my long-planned sleep-over at Ate Grace’s house finally pushed through!

She has been my go-to Ate since college. I told her I am thankful to God that she was an irregular student then, because that’s how we became friends, she’ll sit beside me on one of the subjects that she was taking with us.

There, we celebrated my birthday. She bought me a cake and pizza and I brought some food as well.

Will not be complete without some movie marathon.


IMG_20150923_131123As much as possible I would like to do this every year. Reunite with friends. I will find a way to.


And then, there is my Lola right there. I miss her so much. If only I could share my happiness with her.

I am beyond thankful for everything.





Isdaan Floating Restaurant (Calauan, Laguna)

As I have said on my previous post, I kept on nagging my mother for us to go to someplace else for fun, so then we came to this restaurant which is just a few kilometers away from us.
Isdaan Floating Restauranht is located in Brgy. Bangyas, Calauan, Laguna, our hometown.
I always pass by this restaurant whenever I rode the bus going back to Manila every week and always stares at the gigantic statues they have.

When you get there, you will be welcomed by this giantess.
IMG_20150915_185042And will swoon over their beautiful pathway. Thailand feels!

IMG_20150915_191904Everywhere is photo worthy.


After loitering around, we stopped by for what we should be there for. To eat.  We just ordered three different classes of Pancit and Halo-Halo. I loved the dessert more because it was so tasty though quite pricey.  I think they just added some fee for the bliss of being in there.

IMG_20150915_223021After the meal, if you have kids with you, they will be given a pack of candy treats and balloons each. Generous.

IMG_20150915_222529There’s also this one part of the resto where you can throw your angers out. But you will need to buy the things that you will be throwing of course. lol

IMG_20150915_215457The giant monkey.

IMG_20150915_223540And some more statues. I had to take pictures with these ladies, they’ve got my boob dream. Kidding!

IMG_20150915_215822The sun sets. That’s a real bird I caught right there! 🙂

IMG_20150915_190813This is a very good place if you want to see something new especially with the family. I wasn’t able to post most of the statues because they are too many! I heard they are improving their food too!


Pandin Lake (San Pablo, Laguna)

My mother is home and I planned all along the we should have more family get together outside the four corners of our house. My folks are really not into going out because they always think that it’s costly and not worth their time. They always prefer celebrating inside the house on EVERY occasion. And now, for a change, I kept on nagging for weeks to go to Pandin Lake which is relatively near because is just a two jeepney rides away from us and I finally won, so here is our experience.

IMG_20150908_162938After the jeepney ride, there is still quite a long walk to get to the lake itself, (which my mother and aunts hated because it was about to get noon and getting so damn hot) but we just laughed it all out (well, me and my cousins). lol.

I asked for Aling Siony (09299789565) my contact person who I texted early in the morning for reservation prior to us going there. She is one of the Barangay councilors who mostly takes charge of maintaining the lake and confirms reservations from people who wants to go there. She is not around but she told the residents for out arrival and we are welcomed gladly.

We are the first ones to get to tour the lake. We brought some food with us and just ordered some viands from the residents which tasted so good.

IMG_20150908_154646Our companions from the area took us to the other side of the lake and there hangs an incredibly large and U shaped tree root that serves as swing. But of course…

IMG_20150908_152054We stayed for two hours at that area just laughing, taking pictures and talking about stuff. I’m glad my folks liked it and are wanting to go to another place again some other time.

IMG_20150908_153601Caught this little monkey in the middle a tantrum. LOL.

IMG_20150908_163417On our way back home, I met these handsomes. How beautiful are they eh?

IMG_20150908_165924We went near them and they walked closer to us maybe they think we’ll feed them and this little guy let me touch him. There is really an overwhelming feeling whenever animals let you touch them.


Weddings and Couple’s Beginnings

March 3, 2015. Tuesday.

Oh weddings, one of my fantasies in life. With white all over the place, flowers and where loved ones are all smiles with twinkling eyes.

I enjoy attending weddings. I am always the audience who is in the wedding and at the same time picturing how my own wedding would look like in the future. It’s like being in two places at the same time.

After I came home from work, we attended my cousin’s simple wedding with her long time partner. They already have their own home and a child, the wedding just got delayed. Better delayed than never right?

She is the bride. My cousin. Ate Maybelle. I did her make up and hair. Simple. Just simple.

The newly weds. Kuya Ian and Ate Maybelle. I was also the photographer. LOL. And I haven’t even had an hour of sleep yet straight from work. I love them, so no big deal.

The wedding was held at the municipal hall of Calauan, Laguna, our hometown. They were with two other couples.

Nikko, Ate Cristel, Ate Maybelle and me. My other cousin, Dada wasn’t able to come because of work, sadly.

And yes, wearing our thick faces, we arranged a simple and funny serenade for them. As you can see we just laughed most of the time. But who cares, we had fun.

Thankfully, the wedding was celebrated successfully with our immediate family members, friends and the chosen sponsors.

Wishing them the best moments together especially now. 🙂


March 4, 2015. Wednesday.

Another wedding the next day. And this time I am part of the entourage. It’s my first tiiime! YAY!

Ate Grace. The breathtakingly beautiful bride. We’ve been friends since college where we attended the same subject together. She was actually a year ahead of me, but being an irregular student, she had to take certain subjects.

She usually sits beside me and that’s when she find me interesting. LOL. Kidding.


We just got along well with stuff and me being aloof with my classmates on my first years of college, we tend to go to the library together. She finds me funny because of my ignorance on “city girl stuff”. Haha. (I haven’t gone to many malls before, doesn’t know certain fashion brands and stuff, that’s what I meant.)

I was on my exploration stage that time. Until now to be honest.

That was their super cool and vintage bridal car.

Me and Ate Xta on our way to the church. She is Ate Grace’ batch mate and a Co-AB Communication student.

Padre Pio church in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

The bride’s batch mates. Except me of course.

The gorgeous wedding reception. I am slightly expecting this. I know Ate Grace will never settle for less.

The program was short and enjoyable. Kuya Wang (the groom) insist on keeping it short. LOL.

The wedding entourage. I really loved the motif and the formality of men in suits.

Bride’s maids. The food was heavenly and simple.

Me in this beautiful gown.

I’m actually very thankful that I was able to go back to the reception area from the church with shoes still on my feet.

While we were still sitting in the church, (and thankfully I was able to walk already in the isle) my shoes got broken, both of them. The lower part of the shoes, (platform) until the middle lower part (shank) peeled off totally and I didn’t brought any slippers with me  so I started freaking out because I still had to take care of the candle part of the ceremony.

Thankfully, Ate Xta suggested that I use her ponytail to tie the platform and the sole together and it’s good that I always have a ponytail with me so I was saved. Good Lord!

The groom and the bride.

Going home thankfully I was able to ride with my co-bridesmaid Aileen (Ate Grace’ workmate).

This is an experience of a lifetime. Off my bucket list. LOL.


Dadoy’s 7th!

02-15-2015. Sunday.

I spent my Valentine’s day just like a normal day in the house trying to rest from six days of non-stop work because I had to. But I was at that time looking forward already to the thought that my little cousin Jimmuel will have his 7th birthday and I cannot not bake him a cake or cook for him this time.

I bought a ready-bake cake mix which is the one on the right and the other one is something that I made from scratch. I was also my older cousin’s (Ate CJ) birthday last week so I decided to make one for her too, I love this kind of stuff where I am able to show my family how important they are to me, plus I also enjoy cooking/baking. This is getting really exciting added the fact that I learn a lot that learning complicated part of these seems easier for me.

Chocolate frosting. 1 cup of butter and about half a cup of powdered cocoa and sugar.

I actually ran out of wax paper to put at the bottom of the cake pans so with the chocolate cake that I made from scratch, that bottom stuck so it ruined the shape of the round cake. I had to patch them up altogether using the frosting I made and God was still good to me. hihi.

This was the time that I realized how important wax papers are in baking. lol

With the cake mix that I made with the bread loaf shaped pan, I cut it to look like number 7. This is a new milestone for me by the way. And I’m glad it turned out fine.

With the icing, to be honest I still am in the look out for the best egg white icing recipe until now. Looking for the ones that will not loose the texture and will not look bubbly as hours passed. And guess what, I still haven’t found it.

But this one actually looks fine, I had to do two batches because the first one quite slumped out of air on the last minute when I tried to add powdered sugar.

I surround the round cake for Ate CJ with the icing I made and some store bought Pretzels.

And for my little BOY cousin’s cake, I tried to make a blue icing by mixing the green and yellow food color and obviously I failed. haha.

Added some store bought Pillows at the top. Not much resources for cake decors at home. lol

And they are done!

This is my Ate CJ’s second to the oldest son Jaden, isn’t he a cutie who knows how to smile to the camera?

The food. Also bought some balloons for my little cuzzo.

Jimmuel (Dadoy) and Gian (his older brother).

And this is the picture of my uncle, (Dadoy’s father) wearing blue. Their family is having a rough time but I am glad that he lets us help him with it. I know that he will be able to raise his two boys well, our family will. 🙂

A humble 7th birthday done!


Graham Balls

This is just one of my “How do I make that?” “I will make that. ” moments.
I first tasted graham balls when we had our house Christmas Party last year in one of my work mate’s place, we loved it all, they were so delicious and delightfully sweet.
It was brought by one our mommy workmates for the group. I cannot first imagine how to do it but I already decided in my head that I make one of these one day. And this is it, even though it is after a year already, so many things running into my head until last week that me and my friend baker just talked about it randomly, and so the weekend came…

2 cans evaporated milk
1 can/ cup heavy cream
1 pack/ 1 kilo crushed grahams
5 tsps cinnamon powder
2 cups grated nuts

– Mix the evaporated milk, and heavy cream in a large bowl and stir in half kilo of crushed grahams and the cinnamon powder.
– Stir until when combined and add some more graham to achieve the right consistency. ( It shouldn’t be too sticky for you will have to roll them into balls)
– Create small balls and put roll it over crushed grahams or any other ingredient you like. (I used nuts for some)

Tip: When I used the nuts, it tend to be watery later on that it not very pleasant to eat anymore, I prefer rolling it over the crushed grahams or milk, or any other powdery ingredient you like.)

LITERALLY EASY AS 1, 2, 3. right? 😉

I was able to make 3 platters of them, which could last a day especially for my cousin kiddos. Haha.